Public Bid Projects

For information, plans, and or job walks for these projects, please contact Bob Easterday, Manager of Plant Operations at (760) 223-2804 or email at

Open Projects

The scope of work is to remove approximately 50 tons of existing torn up asphalt, and remove approximately 14,000 sq feet of soil to a depth of 2.5 inches. Grade for best drainage. Import, place and compact 2.5” A/C paving on 14,000 sq ft. Fog seal with SS 1-H oil. Stripe 32 stalls. Install 32 ea 4 foot concrete parking blocks.

The scope of work is to manufacture two nurse stations comprised of three base cabinets, and two countertops in each of two nurse stations. Also to re-laminate the existing cabinet doors and drawer fronts, replacing the counter top on the back wall of the two nurse stations