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Kern Valley Healthcare District gladly accepts all major private insurance plans as well as Medicare, Medi-Cal, and a number of other government programs.

If you have insurance, we will bill your insurance as a courtesy to you, as long as you have provided us with complete and accurate information, regardless of the total charge amount. We are unable to bill travel insurance without proper authorization.

Our representatives are available to assist you with your billing and payment questions.

As a reminder, we bill for:

Outside service providers such as Ambulance, Pathology, Radiologist, outside reference laboratories and some Independent Physicians will bill you separately for their services.

Financial Assistance Policy
Financial Assistance Offered
At KVHD, we’re committed to keeping you healthy, and your ability to pay should never stop you from seeking care. When you come to us for services, our Financial Counselor will be happy to discuss payment options with you.

If you are uninsured, you are eligible for a discount on your bill. If you do not have health insurance, our Financial Counselor can assist you to identify governmental or private programs that may help you pay for healthcare.

If you qualify for a government program like Medi-cal, or Healthy Families, our Financial Counselor can refer you to their offices or assist you with the application process.

If you do not qualify for a government program, we provide financial assistance to eligible low-income patients by way of two programs.

Financial Services

Upon your arrival to KVHD for services, we will open a patient account in your name where we will record all financial transactions related to your care during that visit. If you have given us insurance, we will bill them & will notify you if you owe a balance. You may submit payment in person or by mail. We are not set up to accept online payments.

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Patient Protection Against Surprise Billing

Your Rights and Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills

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Price Transparency

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Insurance Plans and groups are we contracted with?

Aetna Anthem (Blue Cross of California) – (BC Medi-Cal) Bakersfield family Medicare (BFMC) all administered plans Blue Shield of California Brand New Day Cigna Foundation for Medical Care Golden Empire Managed Care (GemCare) all administered plans Great West Life (Thru Cigna) Health Edge Health Net Humana Independence Medical Group (IMG) all administered plans Kaiser (Physical Therapy) Kern County Employee Plan Kern Family Healthcare Medicare Medi-cal (including CHDP,FPACT & CDP) Pacificare (United Healthcare) Secure Horizons QualCare Physician Network/Choice Physician Network Tricare United Healthcare and Secure Horizons ***For Mountain View Health Center Contracts, please contact your insurance plan or MVHC***

What methods can the hospital accept for payment?

We accept all major credit cards, and debit cards with credit card logo, cash, checks, money orders, and traveler’s checks. You may mail your payment or call and make your payment over the phone with any one of the Business office Staff or the Financial Counselor. Address to mail payments: K.V.H.D. P.O. Box 1628 Lake Isabella, CA 93240-1628

How does Insurance Billing work?

We will submit a claim to the insurance carrier/s that you provided during registration. After Insurance pays, you will receive a statement for the balance not fully paid at the time of service. If your insurance denies your claim for any reason, you will receive a statement from us for the full amount and you will need to contact your insurance company to discuss. If we collected more from you during the registration process, we will promptly refund you the overpayment, providing all outstanding accounts for the household are paid. You may request a copy of your itemized bill at any time, free of charge.

After being at the hospital for services, I have received separate bills from other sources than the hospital?

KVHD bills for hospital services, and are currently billing for the emergency physician fee’s and some hospitalist fee’s. You may be billed separately by a radiology service that performs the reading and creates the written report, any pathology testing that is sent out, Any outside laboratory services that the hospital is unable to perform in-house, as well as any professional fee’s for consults done, or services provided to you while you were here.

When will my insurance pay my bill?

Insurance companies vary in their processing days requirements. By law, a “clean claim” must be paid by an HMO with 45 days of receipt, and regular commercial insurances have 30 days from receipt. There are certain circumstances which delay the processing by an insurance company which are out of the hospital’s control. If you have not heard from your insurance company or the hospital and know that you owe a portion, please contact the hospital and/or your insurance company to inquire.

When will my insurance be billed?

We make every effort to bill your insurance within 5 days of your discharge or service, however, there are times that we do not have all of the information to do so. Things like authorization, diagnosis, correct insurance information, etc can delay this process. Please be sure that you have given the most up to date insurance information to the hospital when you are registering.

How will I know how much I will have to pay?

We make every effort to pre-verify your insurance for out of pocket requirements so that we may collect while you are here. If you are here for an emergency visit, we cannot contact or find out your insurance until you have been medically screened and stabilized. Sometimes this process takes a very long time, or the treatment you need is already rendered before we can verify. Also, sometimes your services are during a time when your insurance company is not available. Generally speaking, most patients have an idea of what they are required to pay based on what service you have. If you are not sure, or would like to have an “estimate” for a service you are planning to have, please feel free to call the hospital and we can assist you.

What if I cannot pay my entire balance, or do not have insurance?

If you need help paying your bill over time, our financial counselor can work out a payment plan that works for you. If you do not have insurance, our financial counselor can assist you in finding a program to fit your income or be able to offer you a discount.

Who do I contact if I still have questions about billing and insurance?

Please call the hospital operator and let them know specifically what information you are seeking, and they will direct you, or you can always call our Financial Counselor who can help, or redirect your call to the appropriate party.

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