Nov 15, 2018

Thanksgiving Day Safety Tips

Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Your loved ones will be gathered 'round the table to give thanks and delve in. So Thanksgiving isn't the ideal opportunity for food safety slip-ups that could wipe out your circle. It's also not the opportunity to unintentionally set your home ablaze. Follow these tips for a safe holiday, and leave the drama to your crazy uncle Danny.

Avoid wearing loose clothing that can be caught while you move hot foods, causing a spill or even catching fire when it comes into contact with a burning stove. When transporting food, use containers with tightly fitted lids to protect your homemade delicacies and prevent you from throwing it away.

Be aware of the proper way to prepare food, nobody wants to get sick during the holidays from any kind of food poisoning . Wash your hands with warm water and soap for 20 seconds before touching any food. Clean the counters and plates with hot water and soap before and after each item has been prepared. Food poisoning can be a risk If food is left more than a few hours away from the temperature between 40 and 140 deg f. If you prepare a hot dish to bring, cook it completely the day before and cool it overnight.

If children want to be a part of the cooking process, give them child-friendly cooking tasks in a safe area. It is important to keep children away from hot food or liquids, as steam or splashing can cause serious burns. Use the back burner when little children are present, turn the pot handles in, and apply a children-free area of at least 3 feet from any hot stove. Also make sure that the electrical cables from an electric knife, a coffee maker, a warmer or a blender do not hang over the counter in a child's reach.

If you want to treat your pet, it is best to stick to a pet treat or a few small bites of lean poultry or non-alcoholic vegetables . Keep your pets regular meal and exercise schedule and avoid too many holiday leftovers. Onions and onion powder, often found in stuffing and used as a general condiment, destroy the red blood cells of your dog or cat, which can lead to anemia. Pets will not be so grateful if they are munching on undercooked turkey. a floral arrangement, or if they come across an unattended alcoholic drink.

Lastly, keep the touch football game in check. Maybe someone really does want to pummel cousin Fred after his political rant at the table. But keep it safe and avoid a trip to the ER. Don't bother trying to prove how athletic you are — especially if you aren't.