Diabetic Cooking Clinic
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Three classes will combine nutritional information and social support with meal planning and hands on cooking.

Participants will be surprised at all the foods you are allowed to eat, including your favorites. Out instructor, Jeri Hornstein, will teach you how to prepare and how to portion out your meals.

10 Diabetes Diet Myths
  • Eating sugar causes diabetes
  • Carbohydrates (carbs) are the enemy
  • Starchy foods are off limits
  • You'll never eat dessert again
  • Fruit is bad
  • Sugar-free products are healthy
  • While on medication, you can eat what you want
  • Artificial sweeteners are safe
  • If you control your blood sugar you are cured of diabetes
  • You will need to give up your favorite foods

Presented By Kern Valley Hospital Foundation and grant funded by Kern Family Health Care.

Interested participants must pre-register, class size is limited! These classes are free thanks to Kern Family Health Care.

Please call Deborah Hess at (760) 379-5257 x24 ot email her at to reserve your space!

6412 Laurel Ave
Mountain Mesa, CA

(760) 379-5257 x24