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Emergency Care

With the assistance of a diverse array of ancillary support services including a clinical laboratory, radiology services with spiral computerized tomography scanner and an adequate supply of emergency medications and equipment, to provide stabilization and treatment, the emergency physician’s can begin a thorough “Medical Screening Examination” to determine course of treatment and disposition.

Major and Minor Lacerations

MVA (Motor Vehicle Accidents)

Major and Minor Fractures

Minor Injuries

Allergic Reactions

Pulmonary Diseases


Minor Trauma

Covid Patients


Burn Patients


Genitourinary and UTI

Heart Attack

Substance Abuse


Our Skilled Physicians

Kevin Chamas scaled e1666115261442 at Kern Valley Health District

Kevin Chamas, MD

Medical Director

Christopher Burrows scaled e1666115218604 at Kern Valley Health District

Christopher Burrows, MD

Byron Carcelen scaled e1650483004160 at Kern Valley Health District

Byron Carcelen, MD

Paul Giem scaled e1650482905293 at Kern Valley Health District

Paul Giem, MD

Peter Newell scaled e1666115345198 at Kern Valley Health District

Peter Newell, MD

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