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Physical & Occupational Therapy

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We help you thrive.

Kern Valley District Hospital’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic is dedicated to helping the members of our community obtain their goals.


Lindsay actually helped the pain in the center of my back. I had it for, probably, 25 years, and had all sorts of treatments but nothing worked. She thought, outside the box, and now I hardly even notice it. My shoulder was another issue. I could barely get a shirt on I was in so much pain and now I’m fine. Wonderful staff and wonderful results. – Gary Zuber

Gary Zuber

KVHD Rehab/PT department was very beneficial with my total knee replacement recovery. Lindsay Krusich and Jeff Dale guided me with building strength and weight bearing exercises. Some examples include stretching, gait training, balancing, resistance, isometric and pilates (new one for me). The front desk personnel are kind and efficient with intake and scheduling. We are fortunate to have a motivational and caring local facility available to assist in lifestyle strategies. – Gloria Wellman

Gloria Wellman

Occupational Therapy

KVHD offers patient-centered occupational therapy services that focus on helping individuals resume their prior functional roles.  The KVHD prides itself on delivering occupational therapy services that are innovative, high quality, patient-centered, and individualized.  The occupational therapist works with the individual, involved family members, caregivers, and other members of the rehabilitation team to achieve the best possible outcome for the patient. This can include targeting skills that promote independence and self-efficacy in the areas of meaningful activities and self-care skills. This may include dressing, bathing, manipulating objects, cognition, emotional challenges, and swallowing difficulties.  The interventions made by occupational therapy reinforce a whole systems approach to enhance the patient’s ability to complete skills that are required to complete activities that the patient values.

Our Occupational Therapist specializes in working with patients with hand and arm injuries and stroke to restore maximum ability for your day-to-day activities such as cooking, dressing, bathing, language skills, memory, and driving.

Physical Therapy

The physical therapy department at KVDH also strives to deliver dynamic, innovative and high-quality patient care. This can be achieved by the therapist’s expertise in movement dysfunction and how to promote functional recovery. The focus of the physical therapist is to help improve an individual’s functioning, movement quality, mobility, endurance, and pain reduction. This can be achieved through neuro-motor control, pain reduction strategies, balance/vestibular deficits, pain/movement education, and improving areas of weakness and limited movement. Each patient’s specific needs will be assessed, and a customized treatment plan will be created to help them reach their functional goals to engage in healthy lifestyle modifications.

We Provide:

Prehab and Post-Operative Care

Postural training and breathing

Back and Neck discomfort

After-Stroke Care

Endurance training after hospitalization or medical conditions

Vestibular/Vertigo Treatment

Balance Training/Fall Prevention

Swallowing Care

Fine motor difficulties

Arthritis Care

Sport Injuries

Pediatric Care

Care after an accident

Gait training assistance

Prosthetic assistance and gait training

Pain Education

KVHD’s rehabilitation team coordinates communication with other providers to help support and address the patient’s needs and concerns.

We accept Kaiser patients with a referral.

We are here to support the Kern Valley community in engaging in a healthy and active lifestyle.

Lindsay Krusich scaled at Kern Valley Health District

Lindsay Krusich

The physical therapist, Lindsay Krusich, is KVHD’s Rehabilitation Manager.


Please contact the clinic if you have any questions about getting referred here for your care. 

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