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Physical & Occupational Therapy

Mon - Fri 7:30am - 5:00pm
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Our Physical Therapy Staff are highly experienced healthcare professionals working with all ages of patients to help you achieve your best level of health by improving strength, range of motion, gait and mobility.

Our Occupational Therapist specializes in working with patients with hand and arm injuries and stroke to restore maximum ability for your day-to-day activities such as cooking, dressing, bathing, language skills, memory, and driving.

We Provide

Friendly and caring staff

Experienced manual orthopedic clinicians

Individualized gym programs for all ages

Plyometric exersizes

Joint Mobilization

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Prosthetic training

Orthotics fit and training

We Treat:

Traditional physical therapy treatments include: Hot/cold packs, Electrical Stimulation, Ultrasound, Traction, Lontophoresis, Phonophoresis, Paraffin

During your treatment time, our experienced (average 35 years) orthopedic clinicians will listen to your story, evaluate your strengths and limitations, review pertinent medical records and develop a plan to help you accomplish your goals. All of our therapists have unique clinical specialties and therefore we work as a team. Together we will develop an individualized home exercise program that may include: stretching, strength training, postural education, body mechanics, and techniques for decreasing pain, swelling, and spasms.

Helping You To Obtain Your Goals

Physical Therapist Peter Scognamillo, introduces himself and KVHD’s physical therapy & occupational therapy capabilities.

Over 100 year of physical therapy of experience.

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