The Facts on Measure C

Background: Kern Valley Healthcare District is an independent special district that owns and operates the Kern Valley Hospital and rural health clinic. The Hospital provides emergency medical care for the Kern River Valley community,including the unincorporated communities of Kernville, Lake Isabella, Mountain Mesa, Wofford Heights, Weldon,and others in the Kern River Valley. Kern Valley Hospital operates the ONLY EMERGENCY ROOM in our community, which is open 24/7/365. The next full-service hospital ER is over an hour away. When a disaster happens, Kern Valley can easily be cut off from outside help. Our hospital and ER are here to provide emergency medical care—especially during fires,rock slides, earthquakes and other emergencies. Healthcare needs and treatments are advancing rapidly. Built nearly 50 years ago, the ER and hospital facilities are aging, and have limited capacity to serve our community. Kern Valley Hospital does not meet current earthquake safety standards, and State law requires that the hospital be upgraded to withstand a major earthquake, or it must be closed.

Measure C DEFINED: Measure C is a parcel tax measure on the June 6, 2017 ballot seeking voter authorization for local funding to maintain and improve Kern Valley Hospital. A “YES vote” approves funding for the District’s plan to maintain local access to life-saving emergency medical care, and a “NO vote” rejects the plan. All registered voters living within the boundaries of KVHD are eligible to vote on this ballot measure.

Measure C Ballot Question: “To maintain local access to advanced, life-saving emergency medical care at Kern Valley Hospital for victims of accidents, heart attacks, strokes and other medical emergencies; keep medical equipment, technology and hospital facilities up-to-date; expand the Emergency Room; and attract and retain qualified doctors and medical specialists; shall Kern Valley Healthcare District establish a parcel tax of $98 per year, with independent citizens’oversight, mandatory audits, no money for hospital salaries, and all funds dedicated to improving Kern Valley Hospital?”

Measure C Summary – Measure C will:

Keep Kern Valley Hospital’s medical equipment and technology up-to-date

Maintain local access to life-saving, emergency medical care for victims of accidents, heart attacks, strokes,   and other medical emergencies

Expand and improve the emergency room and other hospital facilities

Improve patient access to state-of-the-art medical care and treatments locally, including radiology, CT, ultrasound, and mammography

Rebuild older hospital facilities to meet current earthquake safety standards legally required for the hospital to continue operating.

Measure C Facts:  

By law, ALL Measure C funds STAY LOCAL, dedicated to Kern Valley Hospital ONLY, The State Cannot take Measure C funding away; All measure C funds are dedicated to improving Kern Valley Hospital, such as facility improvements, medical technology, equipment, and services; NO funds are allowed for administrators’ or hospital employees’ salaries; Independent Citizens’ Oversight review board and mandatory  audits will ensure funds are spent properly.

Kern Valley Hospital’s full-service Emergency Room and other facilities are essential to our community: Our mission is to provide life-saving emergency medical care for victims of accidents, heart attacks, strokes and other medical emergencies. Passage of Measure C will allow KVHD to continue improving and maintaining hospital services in our community.                                                                                                                                                  





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