Board of Directors

KVHD’s Board of Directors, consisting of five (5) elected members, is responsible for established policies for the operation of the hospital and for hiring the Chief Executive Officer to carry out those policies.  The Board has responsibility for overall management of the operation of the hospital.  Additionally, they approve all rules, regulations and by-laws necessary for the proper and efficient administration, government, protection and maintenance of the hospital.  The Board approves, insofar as possible, such rates and charges as will permit the hospital to be operated on a self-supporting basis

Finance 08-18                                Board 09-18


David Derr – Vice Chairman

Kathryn Knight

Kathryn Knight – Secretary


Barbara Casas – First Vice Chair

John Blyth

John Blyth – Chairman of the Board


Charlie Busch – Treasurer

Archived Board and Finance Packets

Finance 07-18                               Board 08-18

Finance 06-18                               Board 07-18

Finance 04-18                               Board 06-18

Finance 02-17                               Board 05-18

Finance 12-17                               Board 04-18

Finance 11-17                               Board 03-18

Finance 10-17                              Board 02-17

Finance 09-17                               Board 01-17

Finance 08-17                               Board 12-17

Finance 07-17                               Board 11-17

Finance 06-17                             Board 10-17

Finance 05-17                               Board 09-17