Measure C

Measure C Summary – Measure C will:

Keep Kern Valley Hospital’s medical equipment and technology up-to-date

Maintain local access to life-saving, emergency medical care for victims of accidents, heart attacks, strokes,   and other medical emergencies

Expand and improve the emergency room and other hospital facilities

Improve patient access to state-of-the-art medical care and treatments locally, including radiology, CT, ultrasound, and mammography

Rebuild older hospital facilities to meet current earthquake safety standards legally required for the hospital to continue operating.

Measure C Facts:  

By law, ALL Measure C funds STAY LOCAL, dedicated to Kern Valley Hospital ONLY, The State Cannot take Measure C funding away; All measure C funds are dedicated to improving Kern Valley Hospital, such as facility improvements, medical technology, equipment, and services; NO funds are allowed for administrators’ or hospital employees’ salaries; Independent Citizens’ Oversight review board and mandatory  audits will ensure funds are spent properly.

Kern Valley Hospital’s full-service Emergency Room and other facilities are essential to our community: Our mission is to provide life-saving emergency medical care for victims of accidents, heart attacks, strokes and other medical emergencies. Passage of Measure C will allow KVHD to continue improving and maintaining hospital services in our community.

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