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Emergency Room

KVHD Emergency Room Services

Mark Gordon, Chief Nursing Officer – Our local emergency room has many advanced services to offer. We are designated as a “standby” emergency room, which essentially means we can stabilize and treat many common injuries and illnesses.

Our staffing team consists of highly trained Emergency Room Physicians, Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, Respiratory Therapists and many other ancillary service staff 24 hours per day.

We triage (sort) our patients based on the most emergent needs. This can lead to unpredictable waiting times, which is part of the reason we have submitted plans to the Department of Healthcare Access and Information (HCAI) to begin construction on our seismic facility upgrade to bring the hospital up to current standards and increase our capabilities for providing much-needed quality medical services.

Several exciting things to know about our facility:

• We have a stroke robot that can be deployed within minutes of arrival for someone who presents with signs and symptoms of a stroke. The advantage of this technology allows for a neurosurgeon to be at the bedside, via telemedicine, for evaluation and treatment within a short period of time. If a stroke is confirmed, depending on the type, we may administer medications that literally can reverse the stroke and restore circulation to the affected areas of the brain. Our nurses are trained to work with the neurosurgeon to provide state-of-the-art examination and treatment.

• Our physicians and nurses receive annual training for venomous snake bite treatment. We have the antivenom and expertise to administer at this facility to stabilize and transfer. This saves lives and tissue.

• We can recognize and treat early Acute Myocardial Infarction (heart attack), giving us the ability to administer clot-busting medication that saves lives.

• Our hospitalist program and the acute care areas provide a wide variety of patient care services and are managed by a very knowledgeable team of Healthcare Providers.

• Our Case Management/Utilization Review personnel are second to none for providing much-needed continuity of care when arranging for patient needs after their stay.

As the Chief Nursing Officer, I have just celebrated my 30th year of service to the Healthcare District. It has truly been my pleasure. I have held many positions and worn many hats since arriving in March of 1992. Things were different back then, but the goals of the District have not changed. Our Mission Statement remains constant: To provide high-quality, efficient patient-care services that respond to community and provider needs. 

We will provide leadership in health promotion and education for our patients, residents, medical staff, employees and community throughout the district.

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