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KVHD is recognized for our Patient Safety

The California Health and Human Services Agency Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly, along with Cal Hospital Compare, released the 2023 honor rolls in recognition of hospitals across California for their high performance in maternity care, patient safety, and commitment to safe opioid care.

The 2023 Patient Safety Honor Roll recognizes acute care hospitals with high safety profiles in comparison to other hospitals. KVHD is proud to be one of the top hospitals in California that have been recognized by the California Health and Human Services Agency for their patient safety. According to Dr. Ghaly, this Honor Roll offers Californians a rigorously evaluated list of hospitals that have consistently demonstrated a strong culture of safety across multiple departments and offers hospitals yet another valuable tool to evaluate and celebrate their own performance in comparison to others.

Kern Valley Healthcare District (KVHD) was one of only two (2) Hospitals in Kern County to receive this recognition.

patient safety at Kern Valley Health District

California Health & Human Services Agency (CalHHS) joined Cal Compare Hospitals in announcing how many hospitals had met performance standards and in which categories.

  • 107 hospitals met performance standards in maternity care.
  • 83 hospitals met performance standards in opioid stewardship.
  • 82 hospitals met performance standards in patient safety.
  • 9 hospitals met performance standards for maternity care, opioid stewardship, and patient safety.

“Improving the quality of patient care in hospitals is an ongoing process,” said CalHHS Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly. “These annual measurements through Cal Hospital Compare help us to applaud those hospitals doing excellent work and show where improvement is needed. The last 12 months represent a period of recovery and growth for many of our hospitals, so it’s a privilege to celebrate their exemplary performance, especially the nine hospitals that achieved recognition on the Maternity Care, Opioid Care, and Patient Safety Honor Rolls.”

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