Jan 18, 2021

Phone number changed for COVID vaccine appointment

By Andy Nghiem

Jan 18, 2021

The Kern Valley Healthcare District (KVHD) updated the phone number for eligible workers to use when scheduling COVID-19 vaccination appointments.

To make an appointment, eligible residents can call 442-320-3048 and leave a message.

KVHD currently is scheduling appointments for Kern River Valley workers who fall under Phase 1a, Tiers 1-3 categories of Kern County’s COVID-19 vaccination plan, as well as for those 65 and older.

After Thursday’s appointments, KVHD will have depleted its current inventory of the vaccine, and the district does not know when it will receive its next batch of vaccines.

“For those who received their first booster, we have your second booster set aside,” KVHD said on Monday. “Please do not miss your scheduled appointment.”

The district cautioned residents to only call once if they fall under the current list of those eligible to receive the vaccine.

“We have received several calls where patients have left a message but did not leave their name or phone number,” KVHD said. “When you call, it is imperative that you provide your name and phone number – no other information is required at that time. It is only necessary to leave one message.”

The public also is advised not to call Kern Valley Hospital or Mountain View Health District directly for appointments.

“We expect our phone lines to be very busy,” the health district said. “If you receive a busy signal, please be patient and try calling again.”

Patients will need to fill out paperwork to receive the vaccine available at kvhd.org.

The health district wants patients to complete the paperwork before their appointment, but copies will be available at mobile care units for those who don’t have access to a printer.

Patients will be required to show a photo ID at their appointment and proof that they qualify for the vaccine under the current phase and tier levels.