Jan 27, 2021

Stay-at-home order nixed in Kern County, all regions; Californians still asked to caution in public

California’s public health officials ended the regional stay-at-home orders on Jan. 25 for sectors above the 15% threshold.

“Californians heard the urgent message to stay home as much as possible and accepted that challenge to slow the surge and save lives,” Dr. Tomás Aragón, CDPH director and state public health officer, said in a California Department of Public Health release.

The benchmark allowed regions with four-week Intensive Care Unit capacity above 15% to exit the order, the health department said in the Jan. 25 release. Three regions were under the order when the department ended it.

All counties can enter the Blueprint for a Safer Economy, which is the COVID-19 plan to open activities and businesses based on a tiered schedule.

“Together, we changed our activities, knowing our short-term sacrifices would lead to longer-term gains,” Aragón said. “COVID-19 is still here and still deadly, so our work is not over, but it’s important to recognize our collective actions saved lives and we are turning a critical corner.” 

Being able to end the regional stay-at-home order is a step in the right direction, but the pandemic is far from over.

The state health department wants residents to wear a face-covering while in public and follow social distance rules. It’s also essential to wash hands often, avoid large gatherings and follow state and local guidance.

Coronavirus vaccinations are also available for certain people to receive. In Kern County, residents in Phase 1a, Tiers 1-3 of the COVID-19 vaccine schedule can receive the vaccine.

“California’s COVID-19 Vaccine Plan is prioritized based on high-risk groups that are defined in several phases as well as tiers within those phases,” the Kern County Public Health Services Department said in a Jan. 6 release.

Residents eligible for a vaccine can call the Kern Valley Healthcare District (KVHD) to schedule an appointment, Kern Valley Sun previously reported. To make an appointment, residents should call 442-320-3048 and leave a message.

The district is currently out of coronavirus vaccines as of last Thursday. More will be sent, but the department doesn’t know when to expect them.

“For those who received their first booster, we have your second booster set aside,” KVHD said, Kern Valley Sun previously reported. “Please do not miss your scheduled appointment.”

The district also said that those eligible should fill out the paperwork before receiving the vaccine, which can is at kvhd.org under “COVID-19 Forms.”