Medical Records

  • Hours of Operation

    8:30am - 4:00pm
    Monday - Friday

  • Contact Info

    (760) 379-2681
    ext 229, 233 or 237

The Kern Valley Healthcare District Health Information Management Department is committed to excellence in the management of health information for the benefit of patients and providers. As the professionals responsible for the management of health information, we serve our members and those who create and utilize health information.

Health Information Mangement values include:

  • the balance of patient’s privacy right and confidentiality of health information with legitimate uses of data
  • the quality of health information as evidenced by its integrity, accuracy, consistency, reliability, and validity
  • the quality of health information as evidenced by its impact on the quality of healthcare delivery
  • recognizing and supporting the Kern Valley Healthcare Districts mission to provide quality healthcare to the community

To request your Medical Records, please print and complete the Authorization Form located below.

Forms and Medical Records may also be picked up at our Medical Records Office.


Authorization form – Authorization form to receive copies of medical record.

Consent to treat form – Authorization for third party to consent to treatment of a minor lacking capapcity to consent.