Jul 21, 2020

Press Release

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Lake Isabella, California July 21, 2020 – Kern Valley Hospital in partnership with Kern County began community testing the week of May 25. The information provided below only captures the positive tests results that have come from our drive thru testing facility. We report our numbers to Kern County Public Health, just as other testing sites are required to do.

Results through July 20, 2020

Weeks:                 Number of Tests:             Positives:

   1                                      70                               0
   2                                      59                               1
   3                                      66                               0
   4                                      66                               2
   5                                      73                               2
   6                                     212                              4
   7                                     146                              9
   8                                     204                              3

Total Community Tests: 896
Total Tests PendingL 278
Total Positive Tests: 21 (2 positive tests were repeats)

Zip Code Breakdown:
932408   (+1 repeat)
932383   (+1 repeat)

 We plan to continue to provide testing through the end of August. The potential to extend testing beyond August will be determined later, and we will notify the public. At this time, there is no restrictions on who is tested. Please keep in mind Kern County Public Health can change the restrictions at any given time. There is no charge to those wishing to be tested. Due to the increased testing being performed, we are experiencing a backlog and it can take up to 14 days for us to be notified of your results. We will notify you of your results per your preference you provided when you registered.

Testing will be available every Wednesday and Thursday in Kern Valley Hospital’s front parking lot under the white tent. You will enter from McCray Rd. Testing begins at 7:00 am up to 2:00 pm. Please be aware testing needs to be completed by 2:00 pm. You must be in line prior to 1:30 pm to guarantee you are tested that day.