6412 Laurel Avenue
Mountain Mesa, California 93240

Skilled Nursing Facility

Operating Hours: 8AM - 8PM
6412 Laurel Ave. Mountain Mesa, CA 93240

More Than Just Great Care

Located in the beautiful Kern River Valley, we have impressive views of Lake Isabella right outside our doors. Upon admission, each resident has a care manager who will develop an individual care plan. Your care manager will ensure a smooth transition into a new, comfortable environment.

Your Loved One Is Treated Like Family

At our facility, we prioritize the well-being and happiness of our residents. We have a dedicated staff who plan daily events focused on creating a sense of community and encouraging social interactions. Our residents particularly enjoy participating in a variety of activities such as arts and crafts, bingo games, movie popcorn afternoons, ice-cream socials, cooking classes, and cozy cocoa and coffee get-togethers.

We also value the importance of intellectual stimulation and physical well-being. Our residents are encouraged to join in discussions on current events and engage in group recreational activities like stretching and fitness hours.

In addition, we understand the significance of spirituality in our residents’ lives. We offer opportunities for bible studies and are committed to accommodating individual worship and spiritual preferences.

At our facility, we strive to provide a fulfilling and engaging environment for our residents, promoting social connections, personal growth, and a sense of belonging.

The Comforts Of Home

senior living home at Kern Valley Health District

Residents are encourage to brighten their rooms with personal belongings, pictures and mementos from home.

senior haircut at Kern Valley Health District

A beautiful salon with licensed beauticians is on hand for both men’s and womens haircuts. We also provide a very popular nail clinic once a week.

family together at Kern Valley Health District

Family togetherness is fostered with our long visiting hours. Families are invited for quarterly candlelight dinners with their loved one.

Services Provided

We provide the following services in the comfort of a home like environment:Medication Management

24 hour nursing- RN,LVN, CNA

Physician visits

On-site Social Services Dept.

diet nutrition 1 at Kern Valley Health District
A Healthy Diet

Dietary Needs

Proper nutrition is a key factor in living a long active life. Our culinary team ensures each residents’ nutritional well-being through tailored meals and regular assessments with our registered dietitian.

KVHD Skilled Nursing Facility rehabilitation at Kern Valley Health District
Keeping Our Patient Active


We provide full rehabilitation services which include: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy to help you achieve maximum physical vitality. You will find it beneficial that the therapy room is within easy access to the nursing facility.

laundry service scaled e1648226025122 at Kern Valley Health District
Health, Hygiene and Safety

Laundry & Cleaning

Our friendly staff provides laundry and laundry and routine cleaning needs. We prioritize creating a safe and comfortable environment for your loved ones.

dakim brain fitness at Kern Valley Health District
Stay Sharp and Fight Memory Loss

Dakim Brain Fitness

Our Dakim Brain Fitness is clinically tested software designed to provide a fune and comprehensive brain workout. Dakim uses vivid graphics, music, humor, movie clips, stories and trivia to keep the program interesting. Proven to significantly improve memory and language abilities, while users strengthen attention, focus, and concentration.


The resident-centered staff schedules daily events to promote socialization. Our residents derive much pleasure from participation in arts and crafts, bingo games, movie popcorn afternoons, ice cream socials, cooking classes, and cocoa and coffee get-togethers. We engage our residents to join in discussions on current events and encourage group recreational activities such as stretching and fitness hours. We offer opportunities to assemble for bible studies and are happy to make accommodations for the individual worship and spiritual preferences of our residents.

Our Primary Director

Sally Markman at Kern Valley Health District

Sally Markman

Skilled Nursing Facility, Director of Nursing

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