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Kern Valley Hospital Foundation

The mission of Kern Valley Hospital Foundation is to provide financial support to the Kern Valley Hospital by funding and supporting programs that will have a positive impact on patients and our community

A nonprofit, public benefit corporation with a mission of providing Kern Valley Hospital with modern, state-of-the-art equipment to insure the finest healthcare possible for the residents and visitors of the Kern Valley.  The all-volunteer Foundation offers contributors a multifaceted program of gift opportunities and ways to give, from commemorative giving to a carefully designed program of deferred giving. Membership in the Kern Valley Hospital Foundation is only $20 each year per family and $50 for businesses.

Executive Board:
  • President - Darlene Wolowiec
  • Vice President - Anne Litz
  • Secretary - Charity Sellers
  • Treasurer - Susie Seeger
  • Community Outreach Coordinator - Deborah Hess
  • Past President - Eugene Parks
  • Colleen Bulgarelli
  • Charles Busch
  • Sherry Lanza
  • Kay Knight
  • Isobel Collins
  • Caren Griffin
News and Events

No classes scheduled at this time

Diabetic Cooking Clinic
CSI - Controlled Substance Initiative

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