Emergency Care

  • Address

    6412 Laurel Ave
    Lake Isabella, CA 93240

  • Hours of Operation

    24 Hours a Day
    7 Days a Week

The Emergency Department is licensed for seven beds and is designated and licensed as a “Stand-by” ER. We provide emergency care and treatment 24 hours and day and 7 days a week. The ER provides evaluation and treatment to patients of various ages and varying levels of illness from minor to critical. We have adopted a 5-tiered triage system known as the “Emergency Severity Index” (ESI). All nurses who perform triage are trained in the use of the ESI system and are required to demonstrate competence in its use.

With the assistance of a diverse array of ancillary support services including a clinical laboratory, radiology services with spiral computerized tomography scanner and an adequate supply of emergency medications and equipment, to provide stabilization and treatment, the emergency physician’s can begin a thorough “Medical Screening Examination” to determine course of treatment and disposition.


  • Christopher Burrows, MD
  • Byron Carcelen, MD
  • Kevin Chamas, MD (ED Medical Director)
  • John Elliott, MD
  • Gregory Crawford, MD
  • Paul Giem, MD
  • Peter Newell, MD